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Telecommunications Patent Attorneys

As telecommunications have rapidly developed, so too has our reputation as leading patent attorneys in this field. We ensure our clients’ work is secure with patent protection across Europe and in China.

Our patent attorneys have over 30 years of experience in wireless and mobile communications. We remain tirelessly at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring appropriate IP protection for these developments.


Wireless & mobile communications patent landscape


Digital communications and computer technology are two of the fastest growing fields for patenting in Europe. The European Patent Office (EPO) recently recorded a 9.4% increase in patent applications for digital communications. With over 15,400 applications last year, the area also represented the largest technology field at the EPO. This dominance reflects both growing consumer demand for mobile communication technology as well as an increased focus on research & development from companies.


See more information on filing trends on the EPO’s website: EPO 2021 Annual Report


Patenting wireless & mobile communications technology


When patenting ideas that impact different layers of an Open Systems Interconnections (OSI) model, careful consideration has to be given to the commercial realities of who might infringe. If a particular claim might ultimately be infringed only by a combination of players in the marketplace, this can dilute the value of that claim. Whether claims can be focussed on the physical layer, middleware or application layer, and whether they can be focussed on the client/user side or network/server side may also depend on the laws and practices of the office of filing. Considerations of this nature affect patent drafting, filing, and prosecution strategies, as well as enforcement advice and patent avoidance advice. These in turn impact valuation and negotiation.


Why choose us as your patent attorneys?


Communications engineers, electronics engineers, software engineers and mathematicians are rare in the patent profession. At Maucher Jenkins, we seek out these specialities and recruit to serve the specific needs of our clients. We have been fortunate to recruit and retain a strong team in these disciplines.


We have extensive first-hand experience of standards-essential patents, in filing and acquisition, enforcement and opposition. We are used to handling aggressive approaches from non-practicing entities (NPEs) who might be considered 'patent trolls', and have had many successful outcomes.

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