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Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Patent Attorneys & Intellectual Property Advisors

Our chemistry and pharmaceutical patent attorneys have broad experience in intellectual property protection in these highly complex areas. They can help you secure patent protection, ensuring the commercial success of your innovation.

Our team of patent attorneys are industry leaders who protect and enforce intellectual property rights in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our experience and technical expertise mean we are well-placed to handle the intellectual property portfolios of businesses ranging from university spin outs to multinational corporations.


Chemistry & pharmaceutical patent landscape


Chemical and pharmaceutical research plays a decisive role in the continuing improvement in public health and economic growth. Drug development can involve lengthy and costly R&D, clinical trials and regulatory procedures. Each year, vast amounts of capital are invested in pharmaceutical research, only a small percentage of which results in successfully marketable products. 


Many companies also choose to increase and diversify their portfolios through the purchase of smaller entities with proven track records of successful R&D. For these smaller companies, intellectual property is a vital asset which distinguishes a commercially viable company from simply a good idea. Intellectual property is an essential requirement for pharmaceutical and chemical research companies to invest in the development of innovative treatments.


Despite the costs involved in research, the industry accounts for a very high number of patent applications in Europe. There has also been recent sustained growth in the number of patent applications filed at the European Patent Office. Since 2017, the number of pharmaceutical patent applications filed has increased by an average of 9% every year.


See more information on filing trends on the EPO’s website: EPO 2021 Annual Report


Intellectual property protection for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries


Our experienced IP advisors can assist you in developing an IP strategy suited to the specific requirements of your research field.


Patent protection

Patents can protect not only a drug or chemical compound itself, but also a variety of inventions arising from research, including drug synthesis and analysis, drug formulations, medical uses, packaging, medical devices and, in some jurisdictions, treatment and administration methods.


Utility models, registered designs and trade mark protection

Other types of intellectual property rights are available. These include utility models; registered and unregistered designs, for example for drug presentation and packaging; and trade marks for the brand and/or product name. Related rights are also available, including trade secret and know-how, data exclusivity and orphan drug exclusivity. These rights can offer non-negligible protection to delay generic competition.


Read more here about our expertise in registered designs: Design Registration & Protection


Why choose our chemistry and pharmaceutical patent attorneys?


Patenting in this industry requires highly specialised knowledge of the technology and research, but also of patent law.


Chemistry and pharmaceutical experts

Our attorneys hold technical qualifications across a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines that chemical processing embraces, and their broad technical experience encompasses many more areas. Some of our professionals have worked directly for major chemical companies, serving as in-house patent advisors and/or research scientists.


International patenting support

With offices in the UK, Germany and China, our team is able to assist you in navigating the specific exclusions that apply in these different jurisdictions. Where we do not have Maucher Jenkins offices, we have spent decades building relationships with local attorneys, and we review these providers annually to ensure they provide the best, cost effective services.


Chemistry and Pharmaceutical patent attorneys in Scotland


Our team in Edinburgh advise clients in the chemistry and pharmaceutical research sector in Scotland which, along with the wider life science sector, is now responsible for £2.4 billion gross revenue for the Scottish economy.


Our IP attorneys in Scotland have a particular focus on chemistry and pharmaeuticals. They advise clients of all sizes in preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications on an international scale, including in the USA and Europe. The team also has experience advising university spin-outs, start-up companies and entrepreneurs, particularly common in this research-heavy industry.

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