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Maucher Jenkins has long been recognised as one of Europe's leading IP firms across the broad field of electronics, computing and software and has pioneered patent law in this field.


A number of our partners are experts in this field, including James Cross, Hugh Dunlop, Phil Treeby and Holly Whitlock and between them these partners have many years experience in industry as well as in the patent profession. They or their associates have degrees in Electronics Engineering, Communications Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Science, and several have practical experience in semiconductor processing, circuit design, display technology and software programming.




Our attorneys have been involved in many aspects of standards, including filing patent applications on an urgent basis driven by standard setting meetings, prosecuting applications with a keen eye on standards essentiality, defence against allegations of standards essentiality and of infringement through supply of equipment in accordance with a standard, and in offensive and defensive standards licensing negotiations. We have represented clients in offensive and defensive opposition of European patents, particularly with Nokia as patentee or opponent.


​Standards with which our attorneys are very familiar include GSM, 3GPP, HSDPA, LTE, IEEE802.11, MPEG, JEDEC and JTAG, including in particular a wide range of codecs.


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