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Trade Mark Attorneys, Lawyers & Brand Protection Advisors

Brand protection is vital for businesses of any size and in any industry. Our trade mark attorneys and lawyers offer legal support and advice to brand owners to develop, protect and exploit their brands on every level.

Brand protection specialists


Our trade mark attorneys and lawyers protect the brands and trade mark portfolios of a wide range of clients, including start-ups, SMEs and multi-nationals. We work across all industry sectors and we have particular experience in media, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


Our team is experienced in all aspects of brand protection, including:

  • Trade mark searching and clearance.
  • Preparing and filing trade mark applications.
  • Advice in case objections are raised to a trade mark application.
  • Negotiation and settlement in case of opposition or infringement.
  • Watching the market to ensure you are notified of any infringing activity.


Our attorneys strive to provide clear, practical advice that is relevant to you and your business. Regardless of your business’s size or industry sector, our attorneys are adept at tailoring their work to meet your commercial aims. 


We always ensure our advice is practical and relevant for your business. We strive to be clear on the legal aspects of our work, but we know that law operates within a commercial context. 


Trade Mark searching & clearance


Prior to adopting or using your preferred trade mark, it is important that a trade mark clearance search is carried out. This will ensure that the trade mark is free for use and registration. Failure to take this step at the start of launching a new brand or product could prove very costly further down the line.


If you get in touch with us at the beginning of the selection process, we can assist in choosing the right brand for you, based on our experience and the results of these searches. Our searches will identify any other marks already on the register that may prevent you from registering or using your chosen trade mark. We will also be in a position to advise you of the risks involved in registering or using your chosen trade mark, and how to overcome any potential issues raised in the searches.


We are also able to conduct searches of official registers in many different territories worldwide, to identify any obvious earlier rights that may prevent you from registering or using your chosen mark in other countries. Again, searching before applying to register can save your company from incurring significant costs further down the line.


Trade Mark application process


Our team works with you to manage the application process, including:

  • Preparing and filing – deciding which categories to cover to ensure adequate protection is a crucial decision. We ensure you get the right balance between filing in enough categories, but not too many that the process becomes unprofitable. 
  • Objections by the relevant trade mark office – we can advise on overcoming any objections raised.
  • Opposition proceedings – we understand that receiving an opposition can be a very stressful experience, and we can manage the entire process on your behalf. This includes advising on the merits of any objection raised by third parties, assisting you in negotiating settlement agreements and representing you in the formal opposition proceedings. 


World-wide trade mark protection


Intellectual property rights are limited nationally, which means that you will need specialist help and advice in each country where protection is required. Where we do not have Maucher Jenkins offices, we have spent many years developing a network of associates with specialist knowledge in their own jurisdictions, and we review each one annually for quality and cost.


Infringement proceedings


Our experts are able to advise regarding bringing trade mark infringement proceedings and can also deal with counterfeiting or trading standards matters. Our team can also advise you in any infringement proceedings brought against you.


More details on these services can be found here: IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution 


Trade Mark portfolio management



In order to stay valid, a registered trade mark must be renewed periodically, usually every 10 years. We are able to advise you on the management of your renewals, to ensure you do not spend money unnecessarily on the renewal of trade marks which are no longer required.


Annual portfolio reviews

Once your first trade mark applications have proceeded to registration, it is important to ensure your portfolio is kept up to date. We are able to assist you with an annual portfolio review. This will make sure that any new brands that you have adopted in the previous year have been filed as trade mark applications. Further, if you have expanded the use of any existing brands into new territories, then we can arrange for trade mark filings in the relevant countries. The annual portfolio review is also a useful opportunity to identify any brands which your business no longer wishes to use.


Trade Mark watching

When a trade mark is registered, it is important to make sure that your competitors are not trying to register a very similar trade mark in the same sectors. We can set up a ‘watch service’ for you which will pick this up. Quick action can then be taken to prevent the registration of similar marks but also to stop infringement of your registered trade marks. 


Many countries worldwide are now not examining trade mark applications on the basis of earlier rights. This means that when a trade mark application is filed it will not be prevented from registration if your earlier similar trade mark is already on the register. These national offices are now leaving it up to the owners of the earlier marks to object to a new application themselves. This is where the watch service will come into play.


The watching service can work in one two ways:

  1. A periodic report is sent to you detailing all newly filed applications which may conflict with your earlier rights. You would then review this report yourself and let us know if you require any further information or advice. 
  2. Alternatively we would review all of the new marks located and would send you our advice and recommendations.


Why choose us as your trade mark attorneys?


We offer cost-effective trade mark advice

We know that value for money is paramount to our clients. We are experienced in sensitively tailoring our services for different budgetary requirements.


We strive to deliver high quality, cost-effective, and practical advice, in accordance with the individual needs and the commercial objectives of the businesses we work with.


Our professionals are industry leaders

Our attorneys are consistently recognised as some of the industry’s top professionals.




“Maucher Jenkins shoulders a high-stakes caseload and continuously succeeds in attracting matters involving uncharted legal territory... The firm is well equipped to advise its strong roster of international clients from a wide range of sectors." – Legal 500 UK


Chambers & Partners consistently ranks our team as one of the best in the UK: Chambers.com


Managing Intellectual Propety Ranked Firm 2022 rosette


Our trade marks team is always included in Managing Intellectual Property’s IP Stars ranking of the intellectual property industry: IPStars.com 




Expert Guides has recognised Trade Marks Partner Tanya Buckley as a Trade Mark expert since 2016: ExpertGuides.com

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