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Patents & Inventions

Our patent attorneys act for clients ranging from entrepreneurs and early-stage/ start-up companies to SMEs and established multinationals, covering all technology areas.

As well as filing and prosecution of patent applications, we also carry out patent portfolio and freedom to operate reviews in fast moving areas of technology, including validity and infringement analysis.


Our attorneys have scientific or engineering backgrounds, many with significant industry experience and technical understanding which is essential to successfully representing the interests of our clients.


Our Munich office enables all our attorneys to maintain regular contact with examiners at the European Patent Office by attending interviews, opposition proceedings and appeals.


Our patent services include:

  • innovation capture session to assess patentability of invention
  • conducting searches to avoid infringement
  • drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications
  • monitoring competitor examination files and patent grants
  • reviewing, evaluating and managing patent portfolios
  • advising on worldwide patent strategies
  • defending against patent infringement claims and pursuing infringement litigation when opposing
  • Utility Models (for German National filings)
  • assessment of reduced corporation tax opportunities with Patent Box


We can also analyse competitor patent portfolios and identify freedom to operate risks. Many of our patent attorneys are experienced patent searchers and are able to quickly identify problem patents without the need for external searchers. Once we have identified the main risks, we can advise in detail on mitigation strategies.


World Wide Protection and the Unified Patent Court


Intellectual property rights are currently limited nationally, which means in practice that you will need specialist help and advice in each country where protection is required. Where we do not have Maucher Jenkins offices, we have spent many years developing a network of associates with specialist knowledge in their own jurisdictions, and we review each one annually for quality and cost.


The introduction of a European unitary patent and associated Unified Patent Court (UPC) has been a much debated for many years. It means that patent applicants will have the choice of continuing with the current national system of filing patents in different EU countries, or they can option for a unitary patent application, which would effectively provide patent protection for all of Europe.


Prior to the UK's EU referendum vote in June 2016 it had been agreed that the main seat for the UPC would be located in Paris, with sub-divisions in London and Munich, which was felt to be very good news for companies wishing to file across Europe. 


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations and a referral to the German Constitutional Court, the whole Unitary Patent package is now on hold. It may not be able to continue in its present form.


Further information and updates can be seen in our news section, as things develop and become clearer.

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