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IP Strategy

Your IP strategy should fit in with the commercial aims of the business. Planning accordingly is key to achieving successful business goals.

As well as advising on filing and prosecution strategies, we work with companies to manage their intellectual property effectively, helping to develop and implement strategies that maximise the quality and value of IP while minimising the cost and management burden of owning it. This is carried out with the commercial aims of the business as the focus.


We offer this service independently from filing and prosecution work, so that we can provide this service on a consultancy basis, even if we do not assume responsibility for a client's IP portfolio.


Our IP consulting services include:


  • Strategic advice – in line with the commercial aims of the business
  • Portfolio management – new portfolios and reorganisation of existing portfolios
  • IP audits /reviews – cost reduction analysis
  • Efficiency of IP activities - internal and external systems and process reviews
  • IP administration – assessment of staffing / development issue needs
  • Training and education – tutoring presentations and workshops for in-house team
  • Due diligence - value assessment of existing IP portfolios
  • Commercialisation – enhanced revenue and licensing opportunities from existing IP
  • IP outsourcing and on-site assistance – ad hoc IP assistance provided at busy times
  • IP valuation, acquisition and disposal – advice on IP valuations and options available
  • Patent Box – reduced corporation tax on profit from patented products

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