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Intellectual Property Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our IP litigators are experienced in the enforcement and defence of all forms of IP rights across Europe and beyond.

With lead offices in London and Germany, we handle disputes in the English and German courts as well as managing litigation, including multi-jurisdictional cases, in Europe and internationally.


IP Specialists


We know intellectual property law intimately and are leaders in our field.


Our UK litigation team is led by Angela Fox, author of the leading practitioners’ guide, Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice & Procedure (Sweet & Maxwell, 3rd Ed.). Our German litigation team is led by Dr Michael Nielen, a regular lecturer on IP law at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.


All of our litigators are true IP specialists, experienced in a broad spectrum of contentious IP matters, including those relating to:


  • Trade marks
  • Passing off and unfair competition
  • Patents
  • Designs
  • Domain names and cybersquatting
  • Online IP infringements
  • Company and business name disputes
  • Counterfeiting and grey market goods


We also handle appeals in registration and contentious matters for UK, German and European trade marks, patents and designs, including appeals before the European General Court and Court of Justice.


Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution


We act for some of the largest companies in the world, but we also represent smaller businesses too. We find legal solutions that meet the business objectives, in the most cost-effective manner. 


In the UK, we are experts in litigating before the IPEC, whose streamlined procedures are designed to handle IP cases in a focused way, with a cap on recoverable costs and an eye to cost-benefit throughout the process. We bring this focus on business objectives and costs management to our handling of High Court and Court of Appeal matters, too. 


In Germany, we regularly secure interim and permanent relief on behalf of our clients and are skilled at securing swift and cost-effective outcomes in the Federal Patent Court and regional courts throughout the country. 


We understand the PR sensitivities that litigation can bring and we help our clients to navigate media enquiries and to plan and structure public communications about a case when litigating. 


Our in-depth understanding of brands and technology makes us not only strong litigators and advocates, but also skilled negotiators. We are adept at securing deals for our clients through mediations and negotiations, which enable businesses to get on with what they do best – business.


Please contact our experts for more information:

UK: Angela FoxJames Cross

Germany: Dr. Michael Nielen


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