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Design Protection

Our designs group has internationally recognised expertise in handling the protection and enforcement of UK and European designs. We filed the first EU Community design in 2003 and we are the largest UK filer of EU designs.

We can offer comprehensive advice on the protection of product designs and design features, including labels, product shape and decoration. Our attorneys can help to identify and safeguard potential future design rights and navigate the rules on disclosure and grace periods with an eye to achieving protection.


Securing and enforcing the appropriate design rights protection in any jurisdiction, whether registered or unregistered, defends against competitor encroachment. We can search for existing design rights and advise on their scope, as well as providing due diligence and freedom to operate exercises.


We advise on all aspects of design protection, such as:

  • which features to protect, where, when and why
  • the impact of disclosure and grace periods
  • registered v unregistered design rights
  • protection strategies in markets of interest worldwide
  • commercial exploitation of design rights, including licensing
  • licences of right

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