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Maucher Jenkins has built a team of outstanding professionals, recognised experts in intellectual property law, science and technology, working across multiple industry sectors and legal jurisdictions.

Suzu Rapeaux

Associate - Patents

European Patent Attorney

BSc (Hons) in Physics, Imperial College London



Suzu is an Associate in the Patents team based in the Farnham and London offices.


Suzu graduated from Imperial College London in 2016 with a degree in Physics. In her final year, she worked on a project to produce a representation of the all sky Cosmic Microwave Background intensity anisotropy maps from the Planck mission using 3D printing technologies.


Suzu joined Maucher Jenkins in 2016 and qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2021.




'Cosmic Sculpture: A new way to visualise the Cosmic Microwave Background', D. L. Clements, S. Sato (now Rapeaux) and A. Portela Fonseca. European Journal of Physics, 2016, vol. 38(1), pp. 015601.

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