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Maucher Jenkins has built a team of outstanding professionals, recognised experts in intellectual property law, science and technology, working across multiple industry sectors and legal jurisdictions.

Stefan Siegel

Trainee Patent Attorney

BSc (Hons) Physics & Philosophy (King's College, London); This included a year spent at University California Santa Barbara with a focus on French and Environmental studies



Stefan is a Technical Assistant to the Patents team based in the London and Munich offices.


At King’s College London, Stefan carried out a physics research project in intraocular lens (IOL) imaging with a Shack-Hartmann sensor with the aim of simulating real-life misplacements of an intraocular lens in a patient's eye, and accurately measuring this shift or tilt without surgical means. The project entailed setting up an apparatus to detect a shift or tilt of an intraocular lens in-vitro, by means of shining a laser through the shifted or tilted lens, recording the wavefront aberrations with a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, and comparing these with the original, undistorted image. 


Stefan spent a considerable amount of time in Kuwait where, among other things, he led a green engineering project with the aim of replacing the company’s diesel powered light towers with cleaner and more efficient solar light towers. The project involved developing an affordable prototype solar light tower which could withstand Kuwait’s sunny weather of 50+°C and leading a group of engineers to build that prototype. The functioning prototype is being used as a model to build 40 more units, wherein each unit saves in excess of 600 Watt per light tower and reduces the company’s carbon footprint. 


Stefan joined the firm in 2017 and is working towards becoming both a UK and European qualified patent attorney.


Interests outside of work:


Stefan enjoys cycling, film photography, cooking, motorsports, and is learning to play the saxophone.


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