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Maucher Jenkins has built a team of outstanding professionals, recognised experts in intellectual property law, science and technology, working across multiple industry sectors and legal jurisdictions.

Stefan Siegel

Trainee Patent Attorney

BSc (Hons) Physics & Philosophy (King's College, London); This included a year spent at University California Santa Barbara with a focus on French and Environmental studies



Stefan is a Technical Assistant to the Patents team based in the London and Munich offices.


Whilst at university, Stefan carried out a physics research project in intraocular lens (IOL) imaging with a Shack-Hartmann sensor. The project entailed setting up an apparatus which can detect a shift or tilt of an intraocular lens in-vitro, by means of shining a laser through the shifted or tilted lens, recording the wavefront aberrations with a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, and comparing these with the original, undistorted image. The goal of the experiment was to simulate real-life misplacements of an intraocular lens in a patient's eye, and to accurately measure this shift or tilt without surgical means. 


Stefan joined the firm in 2017 and is working towards becoming both a UK and European qualified patent attorney. 


Interests outside of work:


Stefan enjoys cycling, film photography, cooking, motorsports, and is learning to play the saxophone.


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