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Maucher Jenkins has built a team of outstanding professionals, recognised experts in intellectual property law, science and technology, working across multiple industry sectors and legal jurisdictions.

Ricky Foo

Associate - Patents

Chartered Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
Registered Patent Attorney in Singapore
Registered Representative before the Unified Patent Court

MEng Degree in Computer Communication and Networks, National University of Singapore, Singapore; BEng Degree in Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Mandarin Chinese


Ricky qualified as a Chartered (UK) Patent Attorney in 2015, and as a European Patent Attorney in 2022. He is also qualified to practise in Singapore. Ricky regularly advises and assists clients to strategically and cost-effectively secure multi-jurisdictional patent rights protection, and he has considerable technical expertise in areas including computer-implemented technology, information technology, green technology, fintech, data security, telecommunications, computer communication protocols, semiconductors, electronic devices and mechanical engineering.


Ricky has represented industrial clients, universities, research organisations, and startups to acquire patent protection rights globally. Prior to joining the patent profession, Ricky spent a number of years working as a software engineer, specialising in the development of commercial hardware and software-based info-security solutions. As a developer, Ricky gained experience in the development of info-security algorithms for both commercial and defence applications.


At Maucher Jenkins, Ricky is also a member of the specialist standards essential patent (SEP) team, in which a significant part of his role involves working collaboratively with clients to support the prosecution of their SEPs, including provision of bespoke advice, evaluation of standards essentiality, and the preparation of claims charts in respect of the 3GPP telecoms standards. Ricky is also a native Mandarin speaker, and is involved from time-to-time with supporting the firm’s Chinese clients to prosecute their patent applications before the European Patent Office.


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