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Dr. Philipp Müller

Associate - Patents

German Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trade Mark & Design Attorney

PhD in the field of Micro-optical systems, in particular tunable optofluidic systems; Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), Albert Ludwig University Freiburg



Philipp has worked for Maucher Jenkins since 2015, based in the Freiburg office. He qualified as a German Patent Attorney in 2019, as a European Trade Mark and Design Attorney in 2020 and as a European Patent Attorney in 2021. He has wide-ranging technical expertise in the field of micro-optics and in the mass production of microsystems by means of clean room processes, in particular wafer-level-manufacturing.


Before working for Maucher Jenkins, Philipp worked as an R&D engineer and project manager for a supplier to leading international OEMs in the field of optical sensor technology and 3D cameras for mobile devices such as smartphones. In close collaboration with clients worldwide, he worked on the development of new products and their implementation in mass production at sites in Zurich and Singapore.


During his time at university, Philipp completed his doctorate with a distinction in 2012 at the Laboratory for Micro-optics at the Department for Microsystems Technology (IMTEK) of the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg with a thesis on the subject of a tunable micro-iris based on electrostatically actuated liquids (electrowetting). This work in the field of optofluidics gave rise to numerous academic articles in international peer-reviewed journals as well as presentations at international conferences. After receiving his doctorate, he led a research group which inter alia worked on tunable elastomer optics and novel -actuator technologies. As part of his studies, he spent a semester studying in France and wrote a dissertation on dynamic interference lithography at the Laboratoire Hubert Curien, in St. Etienne, France.




Book chapter:

'Optofluidic micro-shutters and micro-irises'; Tunable Micro-optics. Tracing Nature's Vision, Müller, Philipp, Cambridge University Press 2016, edited by Claudia Dupp´e and Hans Zappe.


Articles in specialist magazines:

'Variable optofluidic slit aperture'. Light: Science and Applications,  article in press since 23 August, 2015, Schuhladen, Stefan, Kaustubh Banerjee, Moritz Stürmer, Philipp Müller, Ulrike Wallrabe, and Hans Zappe.


'Smart artificial muscle actuators: Liquid Crystal Elastomers with integrated temperature feedback'. Sensors and Actuators A:  231:44–51, 2015, Physical, Petsch, Sebastian, Richard Rix, Bilal Khatri, Stefan Schuhladen, Philipp Müller, Rudolf Zentel, and Hans Zappe.


'Optofluidic router based on tunable liquid-liquid mirrors'. Lab Chip, 14(4):737 - 743, 2014, Müller, Philipp, Daniel Kopp, Andreu Llobera, and Hans Zappe.


 'Integrated optofluidic iris'. Journal of Microelectro-mechanical Systems, 21(5):1156–1164, 2012, Müller, Philipp, Roland Feuerstein, and Hans Zappe.


'A fully integrated optofluidic attenuator'. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 21(12):125027–125040, 2011. Müller, Philipp, Anton Kloss, Peter Liebetraut, Wolfgang Mönch, and Hans Zappe.


'On-the-fly writing of a long grating phase mask'. Optical Engineering, 50(3):038001 (9pp), 2011. Müller, Philipp, Yves Jourlin, Colette Veillas, Gérard Bernaud, Yannick Bourgin, and Svetlen Tonchev. 


'An optofluidic concept for a tunable micro-iris'. Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 19(6):1477–1484, 2010.
Müller, Philipp, Nils Spengler, Hans Zappe, and Wolfgang Mönch.


Interests outside work:


Philipp enjoys time on his racing and mountain bikes, as well as running or Telemark skiing in the Black Forest.


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