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Maucher Jenkins has built a team of outstanding professionals, recognised experts in intellectual property law, science and technology, working across multiple industry sectors and legal jurisdictions.

Dr. Edward Rainsford

Senior Associate - Patents

Chartered Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Design Attorney

PhD in Virology, University of Warwick; MSc in Management of Intellectual Property, Queen Mary, University of London; Degree in Microbiology, University of Reading



Edward is a qualified UK patent attorney with an expertise in biotechnology, medical devices, and mechanical devices.


Edward has experience in patent drafting, patent prosecution, preparing and responding to infringement and validity opinions, preparing freedom to operate opinion, due diligence analysis, European Patent Office opposition proceedings, and UK and Community design applications.


Edward has worked with clients of all sizes from individuals to multinational corporations.


Edward graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Microbiology in 2000. In 2006 he was awarded a PhD in virology from the University of Warwick. His research focused on the contribution of several non-structural proteins in viroplasm formation and viral genome replication.


Following his PhD, he moved to the United States where he worked as a Research Associate at the University of Virginia studying RNA-protein interactions and negative-strand RNA viruses replication. This research involved using bioinformatics to analyse the solved vesicular stomatitis virus nucleocapsid protein structure to predict the critical amino acids involved in RNA-protein interactions. These predictions were then experimentally tested to reveal the residues critical to maintaining the RNA binding cavity of the nucleocapsid protein, an essential element of the viral replication machinery.


After returning to the UK in 2009, Edward completed an MSc in Management of Intellectual Property at Queen Mary, University of London.


Edward joined Maucher Jenkins in 2010 and splits his time between the London and Farnham offices.


Edward is a member of the Microbiology Society and the Royal Society of Biology.


During his time as a research scientist he presented at a number of international conferences and published several research papers in virology journals.




'Importance of Hydrogen Bond Contacts between the Nucleocapsid Protein and the RNA Genome of VSV in Encapsidation and RNA Synthesis'. Rainsford E. W. Harouaka, D & Wertz. G. W. 2010.  J Virol. 84:1741-51.


'Influenza virus protecting RNA: an effective prophylactic and therapeutic antiviral'. J Virol. Dimmock N. J., Rainsford E. W., Scott P. D., Marriott A. C. 2008, 82:8570-8.


'Characterization of the NSP6 protein product of rotavirus gene 11'. Rainsford E. W. & McCrae M. A. 2007., Virus Res. 130:193-201.


Interests outside work: 


In his spare time, Edward enjoys photography, hiking, music and travelling.

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