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Dr. Christopher Ashcroft

Trainee Patent Attorney

PhD Physics / Molecular Engineering, Cambridge University; MSci Physics, Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB)



Christopher is a Technical Assistant to the Patents team based in the London office.


Christopher has a PhD in Molecular Engineering from the University of Cambridge, in which his studies were in the field of non-linear optical (NLO) materials at The Cavendish Laboratory.


His research explored new classes of dipolar organic and octupolar organometallic materials for telecoms applications, where computations have predicted them to serve with superior NLO properties. This work provides a significant fundamental contribution to a current dearth in material science. It is salient given the applicability of such materials in the development of next-generation all-optical circuitry, micro/nano-optical data storage devices and telecoms.


His first degree was a 1st class honours degree in Physics (MSci) from Queen's University, Belfast. His research project focused on the controlled injection of domain wall structures in inorganic ferroelectric materials, in an effort to devise new nano-data storage devices.


Christopher joined Maucher Jenkins in May 2019 and is currently working towards qualification as a Patent Attorney.


Interests outside work:


Outside of work Christopher is a keen oenophile, holding a WSET Level 2 & 3 in wine. He also enjoys classic literature, opera and good coffee.




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