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Date: 25 August 2016


With the shockwaves of the unexpected outcome of the Brexit vote having now died down, and the doom-mongers quieted, markets are showing that this situation is now being perceived as a great opportunity.


For example, the pound is strengthening again, the cost of borrowing has reduced due to an interest rate cut, house prices are up 8.4% on the same period last year, the tourism trade is booming, and negotiations on Brexit will not even begin for at least a year, with a view to 2019 at the earliest.


For businesses that need both EU and UK IP rights – it makes sense to have representation by one firm that is able to act across all major economies in Europe. Jenkins is the firm that can provide that one-stop-shop service to you, without any consequences to you, if Britain fully exits the EU in the future.


With established offices in London, Farnham, Munich, Freiburg, Basel and Beijing, Jenkins has attorneys in the UK and Europe, and has done for several years. Now more than ever, it makes sense to come to Jenkins for all your IP needs – for filing and prosecuting your patent and trade mark applications, as well as fighting your corner with oppositions and litigation if needed.


Jenkins can act for you both in the UK and Europe, now and in the future. Many of our highly talented attorneys, who come from either scientific or engineering backgrounds, are dual qualified and can advise you on all your global IP needs, as well as act for you in the UK and Europe.