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Intellectual Property Cooperation with Shenzhen Municipality

Date: 25 February 2019

Promoting Chinese intellectual property is a key aspect of Maucher Jenkins’ new office in Shenzhen. Mr Xilin Jiang from the Justice Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality this week met with our Partner Handong Ran and Associate Matthew Yip to discuss the opportunities presented by Maucher Jenkins’ presence in the city.


Mr Xilin Jiang emphasised that Maucher Jenkins is the first European law firm with a representative office in Shenzhen, and that the office would provide Chinese businesses in the city with more convenient access to legal services and promote relationships with businesses in Europe.



We thank Mr Xilin Jiang for the meeting, and we look forward to working with the businesses in this fast-moving and highly creative city.


We also thank the SZSF for publishing this article about the meeting.