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Maucher Jenkins Partner speaks at webinar on European Intellectual Property Protection System and Practice

Date: 27 October 2022

On October 26, 2022, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Protection Center and Guangdong Overseas Intellectual Property Protection Promotion Association (GDOIP) co-hosted a webinar on European Intellectual Property Protection System and Practice.


Mr. Handong Ran, Partner and Head of Maucher Jenkins China, was invited to speak at the webinar. With nearly 500 online attendees, Handong shared the practice of assessment of patent quality from the perspective of litigation.


The successful hosting of this webinar effectively helps export-oriented enterprises in Guangzhou to understand European patent practice and geographical indication legislation and implementation content. It can also be beneficial to enhance the international competitiveness of the enterprises as well as the working ability of the personnel in intellectual property industry.


Dedicated to promoting the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises by safeguarding their overseas intellectual property rights, especially in Europe, Maucher Jenkins is willing to help strengthen overseas intellectual property protection for those export-oriented enterprises and to assist in expanding their international presence.