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2019 Midea Group Intellectual Property Summit

Date: 28 June 2019


In order to promote the global layout of Midea Group's intellectual property protection, Midea Group hosted the 2019 Global Intellectual Property Partner Summit at the Midea headquarters in Shundeng City, Guangdong, China on June 26 and 27, 2019. More than 160 participants attended the conference, of which over 80 were representatives of 30 Midea’s IP service providers worldwide.


The summit had 9 sub-forums focusing on:


1) The latest US law and impact on prosecution portfolio.

2) Exhibition intellectual property risks and responses.

3) Trademark law amendment, trademark squatting, the well-known trademark protection and the overseas trademark protection.

4) The impact of Japanese design law modification and GUI.

5) The US ITC 337 investigation case study and the enlightenment to the Midea Group.

6) The intellectual property risk of open source software.

7) The impact and response of the revision of the patent law and examination of guidelines and solutions.

8) Litigation and invalid cases; the trend of intellectual property protection in home appliances industry.

9) Artificial intelligence and intellectual property protection for Midea Group.


Partners Michael Nielen, Alvin Lam, and Handong Ran from Maucher Jenkins attended the conference and delivered speeches on topics inlcuding the Midea’s future global intellectual property layout, European trademark prosecutions and litigation strategies, open source software litigation in Germany, and artificial intelligence protection.


We thank Midea Group for an enjoyable and informative conference. We look forward to further cooperation in the future.


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