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Partners represent Maucher Jenkins in new diversity and inclusion "think tank"

Date: 17 November 2020

Holly Whitlock and Hugh Dunlop joined other representatives from over 30 patent and trade mark practices on 10 November 2020 to establish a new high-level "think tank" devoted to improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in our profession.

Instigated by IP Inclusive and supported by the membership bodies CIPA and CITMA, this collaboration underlines Maucher Jenkins’ commitment to D&I, and recognises the need for leadership from the most senior levels to create genuine, lasting changes to working practices and cultures.

Andrea Brewster, Lead Executive Officer of IP Inclusive, commented:

"We’ve seen huge support for diversity and inclusion from across the patent and trade mark professions. This new think tank, underpinned by collaboration and shared goals, allows change to be both driven and nurtured from the top, by people with the power to shape the whole sector’s future."


For further information about this think tank visit www.ipinclusive.org


Holly Whitlock is the Maucher Jenkins Diversity and Inclusion officer. More information can be found here: Diversity and Inclusion