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Maucher Jenkins IP Masterclass - protecting your innovations & inventions

Date: 2 November 2021

Location: Online

In partnership with the University of Portsmouth, partners Fiona Kellas and Reuben Jacob will walk through the various steps all businesses need to consider when aiming to protect one of their most valuable assets… their products, brands, inventions, and innovations.


We’ll explore the key elements of intellectual property, covering the must do’s and the pitfalls that businesses must consider, along with some real-world examples of other brands that have been on the same journey.


There’ll also be time for questions and debate in our interactive Q&A sessions within the masterclass; an opportunity to tap into the experience Fiona and Reuben have gained over their years of supporting a range of organisations in Life Sciences and Digital Health.


You can find more information on the conference, or register to attend, here: Maucher Jenkins IP Masterclass