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2020 Bionow Oncology Conference

Date: 4 November 2020

Location: Online

Dr Fiona Kellas will be attending this year's Bionow Oncology Conference on 4-5 November 2020. 


The prevention of cancer and development of more effective strategies to detect precursors and early-stage cancers, when treatment may be most effective, remain critical societal goals.


The 2020 Bionow Oncology Conference will present the problems that we face with prevention and early diagnosis and discuss the latest advances to address these challenges and translate the science into better care for the cancer patient. In addition to leading experts we will also hear about this challenge from the patient’s perspective.


Cancer is always a complex question and there are no simple answers which is why it’s important to hear from those at the cutting edge of developments.


 Follow this link for more information about the event and to register: 

 2020 Bionow Oncology Conference