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Complaints Procedure

Maucher Jenkins strives to provide the best service to clients at all times. However, we understand that there may be occasions when a client may not be completely satisfied with the service we have provided.

Our clients are extremely important to us, and therefore we wish to address any matter causing concern in a helpful and efficient manner to resolve any issues that may have arisen.


Make contact


  1. In the first instance, we ask that you please contact the person who dealt with the matter on your behalf, as a conversation may be all that is needed to rectify any misunderstanding or concern.

  2. If that conversation did not resolve the matter to your satisfaction within a week, then please contact the most senior person that you normally deal with (usually a partner), to outline the complaint and any conversations you have had to date relating to it.

  3. If this course of action does not resolve your issue, or your usual partner is the cause for concern; please then put your complaint in writing to our Professional Standards Partner (PSP), James Cross, in our London office, including details of the circumstances behind the complaint.

Our response


  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 working days either by letter or email as appropriate.

  2. Following this the PSP will investigate your complaint. This will usually involve the PSP reviewing your file and speaking to the member of staff and/or partner who dealt with the matter to discuss the issues raised.

  3. Following a review of the situation, the PSP will contact you to arrange either a meeting or telephone call to discuss your complaint with a view to resolving the matter to your satisfaction.

  4. A letter will then be sent outlining what was discussed, together with the agreement reached and/or solutions offered. Your confirmation that you are satisfied with the outcome will be requested.

  5. If, after the above steps have been completed, you are still dissatisfied, you may request a meeting with an alternative senior partner at the firm. Please put this request in writing, outlining your on-going reasons for seeking further discussions and the outcome you would like to achieve.

Further action


If you are still not satisfied you can contact the Legal Ombudsman about your complaint.


The Ombudsman's remit extends to issues such as poor service or complaints about bills. The complaint to the Ombudsman must be made within six months of the date of the final written response from us.

Complaints relating to matters of professional conduct where there is an allegation that we have acted in breach of the IPReg Code of Conduct or the Litigators' Code of Conduct should be made to IPReg, the Intellectual Property Regulation Board.


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