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Registration of Granted UK or EP Patents in Various Jurisdictions Worldwide

Date: 8 November 2022

Sometimes the local patent is called a confirmation patent or a patent of importation. The procedure provides Applicants with simple and cost-effective protection for their patent rights in jurisdictions which they might not otherwise necessarily consider including in their patent portfolios.


In general, a registration of UK national patent worldwide has to be applied for within 3 years from the date of grant of the UK patent, but there are some exceptions and we urge you to enquire with us if this may be important to you.


[As an alternative to registration of a foreign patent, some countries have independent patent systems with a mere "local novelty" requirement for patentability, although these are becoming less and less important as the information revolution conveys knowledge around the world. In such countries a local national patent application may be available if the invention still has local novelty. If this is of interest, it is important to act quickly - without waiting for the UK patent to proceed to grant - or local novelty may be destroyed by others out of your control.]



  UK or EP (UK) Any foreign patent

• Cayman Islands (no deadline)
• Grenada
• Guyana
• Anguilla
• Montserrat
• British Virgin Islands
• St Lucia 
• Turks and Caicos Islands (5 years)


• Haiti


• Brunei Darussalam (can also register patent of Malaysia or Singapore)- phasing out- depends on basic filing date
• Fiji
• Hong Kong
• Kiribati
• Nauru (can also register Australian or US patent)
• Solomon Islands

• Tuvalu
• Cambodia (can also register patent of China or South Korea, depending on basic filing date)


• Nepal
Africa/Indian Ocean/Middle East • Seychelles
• Sierra Leone

• Democratic Republic of the Congo
• Ethiopia

Black Sea

• Bermuda
• Gibraltar
• Jersey

• Guernsey (no deadline)
• Falkland Islands

• St Helena
• Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus




Updated November 2022.