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US company enjoined from preventing 3D printing products of Pearl being sold on Amazon

Date: 15 January 2016

Jenkins' client, Pearl GmbH, has obtained an injunction from the Düsseldorf district court against a US company, who had German utility models for certain 3D printing devices and who engaged in the practice of making overstated complaints of IP infringement to Amazon to block Pearl's products from being sold through that company.


Through our German branch, Maucher Börjes Jenkins, lead attorney Dr. Michael Nielen brought evidence before the Court that the US company's utility models were limited in ways that did not read onto Pearl's products, and that the US company concealed essential facts regarding the scope and validity of their rights when filing their complaint with Amazon. The District Court of Düsseldorf, the leading court for patent infringement proceedings in Europe, issued an injunction against the US company, which has now been recognized by the latter as final settlement.