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The Future of MedTech with Digital Health

Date: 17 April 2019

Read the full article on MedTech News.


Digital health is being driven by two main factors: (1) the increasing use of mobile technology; and (2) the large demands that are being placed on the healthcare industry, for example, due to an ageing population. Digital health can cover the use of data to assist in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and monitoring of diseases, as well as providing for healthcare practitioner support. Thus, the development of digital health technology is expected to lead to lower health care costs, personalised treatments and quicker diagnosis, resulting in better patient outcomes.


The rapid development and evolution of digital health technology means that businesses will need to carefully consider use of Intellectual Property to protect innovations. In contrast to some other healthcare industries which are often developed over a slower period of time, product life cycles in the digital health industry are typically much shorter. Thus, digital health businesses need to develop and regularly revise their IP strategy.