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EPO shifts to videoconferencing

Date: 2 April 2020

The European Patent Office (EPO) has announced that, from 2nd April 2020, all new oral proceedings before examining divisions will, by default, take place by videoconference (VC).


For more information on using remote access technology at the EPO, please click here: Oral proceedings held as a video-conference 


Although it has been possible to use VC for many years, until recently it was not common, and requests were not always granted by the EPO. Oral proceedings may still take place at EPO premises if deemed necessary.


In other words, the announcement reflects a change of emphasis, rather than a fundamental change in practice.


At Maucher Jenkins, we have been equipped to use VC for several years, thanks to our investments in IT systems, which we also frequently use for inter-office communications. As technology has improved, we have striven to conduct oral proceedings by VC where possible, to save costs for clients without compromising on performance or quality of service. Our experience is that oral proceedings by VC is as effective as in person. 


For more information about the effect of COVID-19 on our office procedures, please click here: COVID-19 Outbreak – Maucher Jenkins Update