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European Patent Applications: Focus on Morocco

Date: 8 January 2019


Since 2015, it has been possible to extend European patent applications to Morocco by simply paying an additional up-front fee. This is paid at the time of filing or of European phase entry.


Morocco is a country of 35 million people with a GDP of $109 billion. Economically, this puts Morocco below Hungary and above the Slovak Republic in the size order of European states.



(source: IMF World Economic Outlook Database October 2018)


Morocco is almost as populous as Poland (38 million), putting Morocco 9th among EPC states in population terms.


Per head of population, Morocco is not a wealthy country, but it is projected to have strong growth (see chart).


Other states to which a European patent can be extended in a similar way are Bosnia, Montenegro, Tunisia, Cambodia and Moldova.


When the time comes to validate in Morocco, the cost is low, because there is no further translation requirement. The Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property merely requires a copy of the claims in French.


If you require any further information on extension and validation states, please contact a member of our Patents team, or see our Fact Card on European Patent Court states.