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Working at Maucher Jenkins

Our people are our strongest asset. We strive to provide our teams with a happy and supportive working environment. Read some experiences of what it's like to work at Maucher Jenkins below.

What our people say 


Dr. Manuel Kunst

Senior Associate - Patents (Freiburg)


I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the many colleagues at Maucher Jenkins and to represent the businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors whom we serve. The commitment and yet friendly level-headedness both impress and inspire me, as do the many and varied opportunities for cooperation with colleagues and our attorneys at law. See Manuel's full profile here.


Mark Webster

Senior Associate - Trade Marks (London)


Since joining the firm I've worked on some extremely interesting and varied matters and have enjoyed a greater level of responsibility and variety of work than it is likely I would have been afforded at a larger city firm. Everyone at the firm has been extremely welcoming and the firm works hard to nurture a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. See Mark's full profile here.


Dr. Matthew Yip

Senior Associate - Patents (London)


I remember on my interview day that people seemed more friendly at Maucher Jenkins than at some other firms I had interviewed at; I have since then benefitted greatly from the support and experience of various colleagues here. I enjoy working with multiple partners and colleagues across a wide range of technologies, enabling me to learn different approaches of handling my patent cases. I appreciate the opportunities to work on EP, GB and cases of other territories on a daily basis too. See Matthew's full profile here.


Margaret Bonomo

Trade Mark Records Manager (London)


I really enjoy my job and the team I work with, as well as supporting the Trade Mark professionals and paralegals. We have a large and varied client portfolio and are a happy but extremely busy team. Over the years I have assisted with the transition from manual records to computer systems and we now use industry-leading Inprotech as our records system. I have been working in IP world for 40 years and seen many changes – there is always something new to learn!