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In 2012 Member States and the European Parliament agreed on the "patent package" - a legislative initiative consisting of two...

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Medical Devices

​The team at Maucher Jenkins has been helping clients obtain medical device patents for over 30 years and over that period has gained a deep insight and experience into the particular problems that arise in medtech and medical device patenting.

In protecting medical device inventions for our clients our specialist activities include advising on strategy, obtaining grant of medical device patents, medical device utility models and medical device registered designs and in medical device IP enforcement.

Technical Expertise 

We have experience advising clients and technical expertise in areas including airway management device patents such as laryngeal masks, endotracheal tubes, laryngoscope patents and related devices, and atomisers, lithotripsy devices, optics, medical implant patents including cardiac and orthopaedic implants, dental device patents and dental preparation patents; imaging
technologies, including x-ray imaging, ultrasonic imaging and MRI; spectrophotometric monitoring; suturing devices; pacemakers; blood pressure monitors; pain care; and patient warming devices. 

Medical device patenting requires a cross-discipline approach which many patent firms are not geared up to deal with. The team at Maucher Jenkins comprises professionals with technical backgrounds in life sciences, engineering and electronics to enable us to answer the objections raised by similarly skilled examiners at the European Patent Office.

Other Useful Rights

There are other useful types of protection that can be gained for medical devices. With one of Europe’s leading experts in registered design law on the team we are amongst the pioneers in the practice of obtaining utility models and registered designs for medical devices in Europe.

Medical Device Protection Strategy 

A good medical device protection strategy includes far more than just getting patents granted. Do you know your patent landscape and are you free to operate? Who are your main competitors or potential licensees? Where should you obtain protection? Should you use utility models, and if so where and when is it appropriate? 

Your prototypes are made and ready to use but how do you address issues of confidentiality in testing them? There are many issues that need to be considered and your advisors should have
experience in handling them. Our long experience in this industry gives us this ability.

Medical Device Patent Enforcement 

Your patent advisors need to be able to advise you on how best to enforce your rights, not just obtain them. We have helped clients enforce medical device patents, trade marks and designs
and utility models in all of the major European jurisdictions. We regularly attend the Medica trade show in Dusseldorf on behalf of clients where we have been successful in closing down infringers’ booths and confiscating infringing products. We are one of the only European patent firms to have experience of using German Customs enforcement procedures against infringing companies, by far the most successful and immediate tactic

World Wide Protection 

Intellectual property rights are limited nationally, which means in practice that you will need specialist help and advice in each country where protection is required. We have spent many years developing a network of associates with specialist knowledge in their own jurisdictions and we review each one annually for quality and cost.

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