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In 2012 Member States and the European Parliament agreed on the "patent package" - a legislative initiative consisting of two...

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IP Transactions

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We can help get the deal done when your corporate transaction involves intellectual property right. We are experienced in advising on and drafting IP transfers and licences and navigating the complex web of recordal requirements in different countries.

You should discuss recordal with us at the planning stage.  Complex corporate structures may be driven by tax and employment considerations, but do not underestimate the costs of registering the worldwide IP rights in the names of the correct entities.

For mergers and acquisitions, we offer due diligence reviews for all types of IP, at a level of detail appropriate to the size of the deal and your budget.  This could range from checking the target company owns the rights, through to investigating whether those rights protect the relevant products and whether third parties may have a claim to those rights.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and ask for a cost estimate. 

Where a company is gearing up to a possible acquisition, the buyer will want to know his or her investment is underpinned by registered IP rights.  There are a number of steps to be considered to place the IP assets in the best position for acquisition.  The earlier that process begins, the more we can do to add value to the company leading up to acquisition.

We will also advise on the steps needed to safeguard newly-acquired rights.  The time immediately following a merger is a ripe time for brainstorming.  An aquired company often has IP assets it is unaware of or has de-prioritised.​